Yakiniku Heijoen



100 AM

100 Tras St

Singapore 079027

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

11am - 3pm

6pm - 10pm

Saturday to Sunday

11am - 3pm

5:30pm - 10pm


Restaurant & Bar


Come enjoy the experience of dining in an authentic Tokyo steakhouse, featuring Heijoen’s specialty grilled Japanese black-haired wagyu beef, marinated with a traditional secret sauce. ​

Yakiniku Heijoen procures only top quality black-haired wagyu from all over Japan. It will be aged first for tenderness to bring out a deeper concentration of beef taste and flavour. ​

Established in Japan 1976, Yakiniku Heijoen is a long-established BBQ restaurant in Japan, with a very strong passion for “Japanese Wagyu (日本和牛)“.

A connoisseur, Yakiniku Heijoen has built up their supply route where they are now able to procure enough branded beef and limited A-5 ranked wagyu to serve in their 30 outlets in Japan. Yakiniku Heijoen treats their beef like fine wine, carefully procuring only the top quality Wagyu beef varieties from all over Japan.

The preparation technique and original sauce which was developed throughout their history, continues to satisfy Japanese gourmand. Yakiniku Heijoen will bring this authentic quality and taste to Singapore.