Chinese Tofu Magician 半仙豆夫




313 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238895

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Monday to Thursday

11am - 9pm

Friday to Saturday

11am - 9:30pm


11am - 9pm


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At Chinese Tofu Magician, we are more than just a tofu retailer - we are storytellers, innovators, and cultural preservers.

Our journey began in 2016 when we first started prototyping the Banxian Doufu brand. For three years, we incubated, experimented, and refined our traditional methods to create modern flavors that cater to the changing tastes of our customers.

Our philosophy is simple: catering drives cultural creativity, and cultural creativity feeds back on catering.

We believe in preserving the rich history and heritage of soy milk, while also adapting to the evolving market trends and preferences of our customers.

From our traditional methods to our modern flavours, every aspect of our brand is inspired by the legacy of soy milk and the love for our craft.

Today, we are proud to bring Chinese Tofu Magician to the shores of Singapore, where we continue to share our passion for tofu with the world.

With every sip of our soy milk and every bite of our tofu, we hope to inspire and delight our customers, and keep the legacy of soy milk alive for generations to come.

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