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HaveFun Family KTV at 313@Somerset



313 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238895

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Opening Hours


12am - 5:30am




Welcome to Have Fun, the epicenter of exhilarating entertainment and unforgettable experiences.

As Singapore's largest family-friendly karaoke and multi-entertainment venue, HaveFun, colloquially known as 嗨翻, is a proud venture of Goodwill Entertainment. With eight flourishing outlets and a diverse range of food and beverage brands, we continue to expand our reach, enriching the entertainment landscape.

Our mission is clear and focused: to create a vibrant third space where people can unwind, express themselves, and truly indulge in the joy of the moment.

Guided by the innovative spirit of our founder, Flint Lu, we have navigated the challenging landscape of the pandemic and emerged stronger, resilient, and ever more committed to our vision.

Step into a HaveFun outlet and experience the magic we bring. With immersive entertainment concepts powered by cutting-edge technology, complemented by a delectable selection of food and drinks, we've got all your needs covered.

At Have Fun, we aren't just providers of entertainment, we're masters in the art of fun.

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