Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory




53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3

Singapore 569933


Food & Beverage


The concept of “a factory full of creativity and innovation” was introduced in Japan in 2011.

We wanted to make a sweet snack that has never been made anywhere else by using selected ingredients such as high-quality Japanese cheese and milk.

Not only that, we also combine other ingredients from various parts of the world.

At Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, we combine the New with the Old, the Unexpected with the Tasteful.

The Japanese have the expression “ほおがおち” (HOPPE GA OCHIRU) which means “Your Cheeks Will Spill”.

This expression is used when very good food is being eaten.

Just one bite, your heart will tingle with the delicacy of our products.

We do not stop to innovate in creating sweet snacks.

And that is our principle, at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory.