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Daun Bistro

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370 Alexandra Rd

Singapore 159953

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Monday to Thursday

11:30am - 10pm

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11:30am - 10:30pm


11:30am - 10pm


Food & Beverages


Indonesian cuisine encompasses a diverse range of regional culinary traditions that have come together to form the archipelagic nation of Indonesia.

With approximately 5,350 traditional recipes, 30 of them are considered the most significant, including rice, noodle, and soup dishes. However, the undeniable star of Indonesian cuisine is the "Sambal" - a traditional chili paste that adds a spicy kick to any dish.

In Singapore, DAUN Bistro leads the way in Indonesian Fusion cuisine.

Our in-house Chef creatively blends authentic Indonesian herbs and ingredients to create modern and mouth-watering platters and dishes that are second to none.