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Grains & Greens

Aperia Mall

Lot(s) 01-37

Daily from 10.00am till 10.00pm

Food & Beverage


"We are the first and only salad bar in Singapore specialising in chef-designed skewers. Whether you are having your salad, grain or wrap, you will be tantalised and satiated by our glorious skewers. Freshness is a given, but tastiness is our assurance. Our grains are thoughtfully blended by our expert chefs such that each bowl provides the perfect balance of nutrients, fibre, taste and texture for people with different tastebuds and dietry preferences. We pride ourselves not only by choosing the freshest vegetables but also by curating exciting, tasty skewers to complete your eating enjoyment! We can't ask for more from our salad. Whether you are at home or busy at work, you will enjoy the freshness, tastiness and convenience of our meals. With the wide ingredient choices, ease of ordering and delicious taste that we could deliver to you, your enjoyment is only a few clicks away. Team Grains & Greens™ is committed to serve you the tastiest, healthiest meals!"