Tenderbest Makcik Market

Currently open until 10:00 PM

Bedok Point

Lot(s) 02-01 to 02-06

Daily from 10.00am till 10.00pm

Food & Restaurants


Tenderbest Makcik Market, a premium lifestyle food superstore, Tenderfresh’s ambitious venture on its 40th Anniversary, is a pure gastronomical delight.

Latching on to the love for local cuisines, Makcik Market is an answer to every foodie’s inner epicure. An eye-appealing exotic store captures the novel concepts from around the island on one plate. With an aesthetic mix of Makcik styled Zi char menu with Asyura Paste to traditional pulled tea and roti prata from Mr Teh Tarik, the 400+ item menu is a den of discovery - of the finest local foods and ingredients.

Prices are kept affordable with no service charge.