Andes by Astons

Halal Certified


Bukit Panjang Plaza

1 Jelebu Rd

Singapore 677743

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Opening Hours


11:30am - 10pm


Food & Beverage


ANDES BY ASTONS is a Halal Certified casual dining restaurant in Singapore and a spinoff of ASTONS Specialties, but it is still branded in the customary cowboy theme.

ASTONS is popular for its “Value-For-Money” concept and ANDES continues to offer the best value and quality of food to all diners.

ANDES uses quality ingredients and provides generous portions, guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds and wallets.

Their menu features an extensive selection of steak cuts, seafood and chicken with most of the main courses including 2 side dishes that diners can select from a range of options to suit their cravings.

The Prime Ribeye or Sirloin is a popular choice with its succulent texture, cooked to your desired doneness, which at its inexpensive price point is definitely worth a try.

The Hickory BBQ Chicken is tender and juicy, pairing nicely with the smokey and sweet Hickory sauce. There are also fish options such as their Chargrilled Salmon Fillet that is charred enticingly yet does not dry out the salmon. If one main meat is not enough for you, opt for the Super Combo that offers an extra variety, like the Surf & Turf which comes with Prime Ribeye and Prawns, also including 2 side dishes.

So if you're feeling the hunger pangs for hearty western grub then head down to any ANDES outlet across Singapore today.

There is definitely something to delight all!