Flaming Don at Bukit Panjang Plaza

Flaming Don

Permanently Closed


Bukit Panjang Plaza

1 Jelebu Rd

Singapore 677743

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Food & Beverage


Flaming Don introduces a new and hot concept, offering a fresh rendition of Yakiniku and Donburi. Diners can choose from a wide variety of don bowls, all glazed with the signature Flaming Don house sauces, served with perfectly charcoal-grilled meats and paired with rice as the base staple.

First-time diners should opt for the chef recommended Signature Flaming Beef Don, a bowl packed with dice cut Australian tenderloin, honey black pepper sauce, served with onsen egg. Another must-try is the Chicken Combo Don, as the name suggests – an impressive combination of mid-wing joints with teriyaki sauce, sumibiyaki chicken thigh, yakitori skewers and onsen egg in a bowl. Flaming Don has also designed a hassle-free self-ordering and collection system at the restaurant, offering an interactive ordering experience with reduced waiting time. Not to mention, service charge is waived for all dine-in and takeaway orders. Coupling the bold interior design - a fusion of elements between the chic industrial look and vibrant Japanese culture, and an appetite whetting selection of modern comfort food, Flaming Don will surely be trailblazing to the hearts of the local diners in no time.