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Drink Good, Feel Good Back in the 1990s, while our founder, a food connoisseur, was running a confectionery business in Taiwan, he was intrigued by the innovative combination of delicious milk teas and the chewy tapioca balls called boba in the street food markets.

So he decided to bring bubble tea to Singapore and each-a-cup was established in 1999.

Each-a-cup was chosen because our founder desires for each and everyone to enjoy a special cup of tasty bubble tea, bringing them wellness benefi its at the same time.

To achieve this mission, we have been endlessly pursuing product innovation and quality, striving to satisfy every of our customers.

With market research backed by our Taiwan headquarters and carefully crafted flavors to suit Asia’s palate, we have come to lead in a new era largely defined by a lifestyle concern for health and wellness.

The top quality contents that go into each cup, combined with an extraction method that preserves the freshness of the tea’s nutrients, make for the perfect beverage.

To date, our footprints stretch to Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Today, Each-a-cup possesses strong ingenuity and passion to create innovative recipes, strictly concocting to high standards with every cup satisfying yet revitalizing, encapsulating the brand essence of “the goodness of each cup”.