Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart



Causeway Point

1 Woodlands Square

Singapore 738099

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11am - 9:30pm


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HOKKAIDO BAKED CHEESE TART has been all the rage in South East Asia since June 2016.

With our eye catching outlets across Malaysia, Shanghai, Singapore, Jakarta, Australia, and Bangkok, now it has become such a household name that legions of fans are more than willing to queue just to get a bite of this mouth-watering freshly baked cheese tart.

Originating from Hokkaido, our resident bakers worked with counterparts from Hokkaido, Japan to further improve the recipe of this baked pastry to ensure a uniqueness in taste and texture.

The soft and creamy centre is made with a blend of three different types of specialty cheeses, piped into a crunchy shortcrust pastry base.

Tasting best when it is right out of the oven, the Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart also taste awesome when chilled, giving you a smooth and refreshing experience.

When frozen, the tart is alike a creamy cheesy ice cream.

Try all the ways of eating it and decide which one you like best!

Apart from the delicious original flavour, we now have the decadent chocolate and the King of Fruits, Durian.