Home’s Harmony at Causeway Point

Home’s Harmony



Causeway Point

1 Woodlands Square

Singapore 738099

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Opening Hours


11am - 9pm


Furniture, Furnishings & Household


Home's Harmony Singapore, part of a leading Malaysian home furnishing chain established in the mid-1990s, offers a comprehensive selection of home linen and bedding accessories.

Our extensive product range covers bedding, pillows and bolsters, bath towels, shower curtains, carpets, mats, cushions, cushion covers, and unique living room furniture such as coffee stools and chairs.

In addition, we provide an assortment of decor and wall art to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

We proudly house a variety of renowned brands including Jean Perry, Louis Casa, CotonSoft, Diana, Genova, Sarah Miller, Novelle, and Looney Tunes. Since our establishment in 1997,

Home’s Harmony has been a trusted wholesaler and distributor of bedlinen, bedding accessories, bed & bath products, and other home furnishing merchandise, always committed to bringing harmony into your home.