MOS Burger at Causeway Point

MOS Burger



Causeway Point

1 Woodlands Square

Singapore 738099

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10am - 10pm


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During his time at an investment company in Los Angeles in the 1960s, Mr. Sakurada was deeply inspired by the 'cook-to-order' approach of a local hamburger chain, Tommy's.

This sparked the idea of introducing a similar concept in Japan, tailored to the local palate.

Upon returning to Japan, Mr. Sakurada established the first MOS Burger shop in Tokyo in 1972, creating unique products like the hit Rice Burger.

Thanks to Mr. Sakurada's determination, MOS Burger has grown into one of Japan's largest hamburger chains since 1972, and continues to expand worldwide.

The name MOS Burger embodies the qualities of a Mountain (M) - dignified and noble, an Ocean (O) - wide and vast, and the Sun (S) - vibrant and life-giving. While menu and styles may have evolved,

MOS Burger's passion for crafting delicious, quality burgers remains unchanged. Enjoy MOS Burger today and every day - a delight Mr. Sakurada would surely appreciate!