Timezone at Causeway Point




Causeway Point

1 Woodlands Square

Singapore 738099

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Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday

11am - 10pm


11am - 11pm


10am - 11pm


10am - 10pm


Amusement / Entertainment


Timezone Causeway Point is your ultimate destination for endless family fun and memorable team-building activities.

With an extensive selection of engaging arcade games and some of the best deals in the north, it's a place where the excitement never ceases.

From pitting your strength against our boxing machines to immersing yourself in 3D virtual reality games, there's an exhilarating experience waiting for everyone.

Highlights include our top picks such as DragonStorm, Big Sweetland, and Happy Miner - perfect for your next weekend adventure with friends or family.

Situated in Woodlands, Timezone Causeway Point specialises in transforming stressed adults into joyful, carefree spirits in a matter of moments.

Come join us and discover the true essence of fun, one game at a time!