30 Victoria St

Singapore 187996

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5pm - 12pm


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Welcome to Analogue, a sanctuary where ingenuity and sustainability fuse to redefine the art of dining and drinking.

Nestled within the storied walls of a restored chapel, our commitment to eco-consciousness is embodied in every aspect, from the 3D printed cerulean bar that arcs elegantly over recycled plastic tables to our entirely plant-based, nutritionally considered fare.

At Analogue, we don’t just serve meals and drinks; we craft experiences that provoke thought and conversation. Our founder, Vijay Mudaliar, an acclaimed pioneer in the cocktail scene, has meticulously cultivated a space that resonates with the pulse of modern-day bar culture while staunchly advocating for environmental responsibility.

In our quest to spark dialogue and enlightenment over delectable concoctions, we've created a menu that’s a testament to creativity and sustainability. From the resilience-celebrating Cactus cocktail with its smoky undertones to the Spirulina, a gin-based tribute to renewable energy, our libations are refreshingly light yet profound in purpose. They not only ignite discussions on vital food industry issues but also pair impeccably with our sumptuous plant-based plates bursting with flavor.

Our space, a blend of historic charm and forward-thinking design, encourages patrons to contemplate their surroundings and the impact of their choices. The revolutionary use of mycelium for furniture and the conscious rejection of animal products in our offerings, right down to fining agents in alcohol, demonstrate that here at Analogue, sustainability isn't an afterthought—it's the essence of our existence.

Analogue is more than a bar or a restaurant; it's a movement—a daring adventure into the realm of what's possible when passion meets purpose. Here, you'll find no traces of blood, bones, or guts, just the pure, unadulterated joy of minimal waste and maximal taste. It's a place where every visit can alter your perspective, subtly guiding you towards a deeper understanding of sustainability, without ever having to preach it.

Embark on a journey with us, engage with the stories each dish and drink tells, and immerse yourself in the experience that is Analogue. Discover, debate, and delight in a world where the future of dining and environmental consciousness converges—a world where every sip and bite is an act of mindful indulgence. Welcome to our vision of tomorrow, served to you today at Analogue.