El Mero Mero




30 Victoria St

Singapore 187996

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Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday

12am - 3pm

5pm - 10:30pm

Friday to Sunday

12am - 10:30pm




Welcome to El Mero Mero, a vibrant sanctuary of contemporary Mexican cuisine nestled in the historic Chijmes precinct.

The name, which translates to "the go-to guy" in Mexican parlance, encapsulates our essence; we strive to be your premier destination for an authentic journey through the rich flavors and spirited traditions of Mexico.

Conceived by the founder Alejandro Blanco, with over a decade of F&B mastery, El Mero Mero vibrates with a passion for redefining Mexican culinary artistry. Alejandro's refreshed menu is an adventurous foray into a territory where tradition meets innovation, and each dish is a narrative of taste, color, and texture.

The restaurant's aesthetics reflect a new interpretation of the Mexican cantina, shunning the expected bold patterns for an ambiance of understated elegance. Ivory walls, weathered wood floors, and marble surfaces create a refined backdrop for your dining experience, while leather seating and strategically placed greenery evoke a sense of sophisticated comfort.

Our open kitchen concept is the heart of El Mero Mero, where culinary theatrics come to life. Diners are invited to observe as our chefs craft each dish with meticulous attention, turning fresh ingredients into works of edible art. The kitchen's energy is an integral part of our atmosphere, blending seamlessly with the mellow hum of conversations and clinking glasses.

Take a moment to relax in our main dining area, where the laidback vibe is as inviting as a sip from our Horchata Bachata, a creamy blend of spices, rum, and housemade horchata. It's here that the magic of Mexican flavors unfolds, from the crunch of our handcrafted tostadas to the sizzle of a Gordita hitting your plate.

Our offerings are a tribute to authenticity with a twist. Revel in the freshness of our a la minute guacamole or venture into the bold taste of our smoked Huitlacoche doughnuts. The Tostadas De Atun is a nod to Japanese influence, pairing sashimi-grade yellowfin tuna with the earthy crunch of a homemade corn tortilla.

El Mero Mero takes pride in its innovative yet deeply rooted culinary creations. From communal dishes like the Gordita to the sublime sweetness of our Tequila Pecan Pie, we curate a symphony of flavors that resonate with the soul of Mexico. Our tropical-inspired beverage menu is a curated selection of liquid artistry, including classic margaritas with an inventive twist.