30 Victoria St

Singapore 187996

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Opening Hours


12am - 9:30pm




Hvala: A Contemporary Teahouse Celebrating Japanese Tea Culture

In the tranquil embrace of Hvala, we delve into the profound artistry of Japanese tea. Each leaf, a whisper of tradition, is selected and gently coaxed to release its optimum essence.

Our teahouse is a journey from the nurturing hands of devoted farmers straight to the warmth of your cup - a passage from one tea aficionado to another.

Envision Hvala as the crossroads for today's creative minds - the emergent Picassos and Hemingways. It's more than a teahouse; it's a haven where dialogue flows as freely as tea, designed to stimulate your senses, intellect, and palate in a single, harmonious experience.

We present a fusion of art and tea, a curation of cultural expressions paired with meticulously chosen teas. Hvala is an ode to the extraordinary, a narrative steeped in the pursuit of innovation and exceptional taste.