30 Victoria St

Singapore 187996

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Tuesday to Saturday

12am - 2:30pm

6pm - 10:30pm






At Whitegrass, we artfully blend the elegance of classical French cuisine with the subtlety of Japanese nuances, presenting a dining experience that is both a visual and gastronomical journey.

Led by Head Chef Takuya Yamashita, our restaurant is a canvas for his vision, a place where the finesse of French fare meets the meticulousness of Japanese tradition.

With a respect for the seasons and their bounty, Whitegrass's menu is ever-evolving, designed to highlight the freshest produce in creations that pay homage to nature's generosity. Every dish that graces the table is a thoughtful expression of flavor and seasonality, crafted to respect the natural qualities of the ingredients while showcasing gastronomic excellence.

Situated in the historical charm of CHIJMES, Whitegrass offers an intimate setting of forty seats, ensuring stellar service and an ambiance that speaks of quiet sophistication. Our establishment, proud of its Michelin one-star recognition, reflects a commitment to culinary brilliance and the highest standards of hospitality.

Our selective reopening heralds a new chapter in the same beloved location, marked by the innovative leadership of Chef Yamashita. Formerly from Tokyo’s one-Michelin-starred Ciel et Sol, Chef Yamashita brings with him a storied expertise that now defines the essence of Whitegrass. With set menus that promise a voyage of flavors, each course is a tribute to the fine art of dining.

As you indulge in our carefully orchestrated tasting menus, featuring delights such as Hyogo Oysters enhanced with Granny Smith apple puree and Bresse Pigeon prepared with the utmost care, our beverage list stands ready to complement each creation. A curated collection of drinks, mindful of our sustainable ethos, awaits to elevate your meal to a harmonious experience.

Whitegrass stands as a testament to a new height in culinary artistry, as we continue to scale the peaks of fine dining. Owner Datin Karen H’ng speaks of Chef Yamashita’s arrival as a significant milestone, one that heralds a future as bright as our storied past. Chef Yamashita himself is driven by a passion for the beautiful bounty of ingredients that nature offers, a respect he shares with the devoted producers whose work underpins our culinary offerings.

Join us at Whitegrass, where each meal is an act of celebration — of nature, of craftsmanship, and of the unforgettable moments that fine dining can create.