Kiwami at Chinatown Point




Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Rd

Singapore 059413

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Opening Hours


11am - 10pm


Grab & Go, Restaurant


At KIWAMI, we strive to create the ultimate bowl of ramen using only the finest ingredients.

Our tonkotsu broth is simmered over 10 hours using 100% Japanese pork bones to ensure a rich and savory umami taste. We use Hokkaido wheat to craft our original-recipe noodles, which perfectly complement our broth to create an unparalleled ramen experience.

Our menu features carefully selected ingredients that showcase the exquisite flavors of Japan, including A4/A5-grade Miyazaki wagyu (Japan's top beef), Hokkaido seafood, and fresh eggs imported directly from Okinawa.

We take pride in delivering high-quality ingredients to your table, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.