KuaFood 夸父炸串 at Chinatown Point

KuaFood 夸父炸串



Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Rd

Singapore 059413


Grab & Go, Restaurant


KuaFood offers a delicious variety of over 40 skewers with a selection of meats and vegetables to choose from.

Our skewers are paired with popular fried small portions and staple foods that are both high-energy and eye-catching. We also offer homemade quality wine to relieve spiciness and greasiness.

Our products are rich and diverse, yet generous and frugal. Our secret marinated oil is made from "virgin rapeseed oil" from Sichuan and is refined to have a mellow base flavour without being too fragrant.

We use herbal marinades to ensure the highest quality. In addition, we offer exclusive Dip Soul Pepper and Sesame Sauce made from a blend of 10+ spices that are carefully mixed by hand.

We reject any artificial flavour enhancers to ensure a natural taste that won't leave your mouth dry.