Life Point 生命同行坊 at Chinatown Point

Life Point 生命同行坊


#04-03 & 04-08

Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Rd

Singapore 059413

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

9am - 1pm

2pm - 6pm

Saturday to Sunday



Lifestyle & Services


Life Point

Provides seniors with information to make informed decisions on end-of-life matters and have positive attitudes towards death.

Life Point provides the following services:

  • Life Review Workshop: to facilitate the elderly to reflect and reminisce their life journey so as to heal their past hurts and to receive affirmation on their life experience in a closed group setting.

  • Towards A Good Death Workshop: to facilitate the elderly to explore the meaning of life and death, do forward planning on end-of-life matters for peace of mind in a closed group setting.

  • Public talks on end-of-life (EOL) matters such as Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), Will, Advance Care Plan (ACP) and Advance Medical Directive (AMD).

  • Provide assistance for seniors to complete EOL related documents

  • Bereavement Support

  • Assisted Deputyship Application Program

  • Professional Donees and Deputies

  • Funeral Planning