Dancepointe Academy at City Square Mall

Dancepointe Academy



City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Rd

Singapore 208539


Education Enrichment


Dancepointe Academy, Singapore's Premier Dance Academy, has been a cornerstone of unparalleled dance education since its inception in 2005.

We welcome a diverse range of students, from budding dancers as young as 3 years old to seasoned professionals, encompassing teachers and company performers of varied skill levels.

Originally founded under the name Dancepointe, we underwent a transformation in 2013 to broaden our horizons and incorporate a multitude of dance genres. This rebranding marked our evolution into Dancepointe Academy, fostering specialized faculties like the 5th Avenue School of Jazz & Street Dance, Dance Factory School of Kpop Dance, and dACADEMY School of Contemporary Dance.

Our commitment at Dancepointe Academy is to strive for excellence across various facets such as international dance certifications, competitive dance events, theatrical performances, and enriching learning experiences through overseas immersions.

Embodied in our mission statement "Dance as an Education," we aspire to deliver a comprehensive dance education. Our approach aims not only to cultivate technical prowess but also to kindle creativity, encourage self-expression, and facilitate individual development.

Our journey with each dancer is tailored to inspire and bring out the best in every movement and expression, nurturing the artistry within.