Eu Yan Sang at City Square Mall

Eu Yan Sang



City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Rd

Singapore 208539

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Opening Hours


10am - 10pm


Health Beauty


For over 143 years, Eu Yan Sang has been empowering people to live the best quality of life through accessible healthcare, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wisdom. Today, Eu Yan Sang has become a trusted name for generations of customers, recognised for its high quality and standards. As a leading TCM health and wellness company, Eu Yan Sang delivers healthcare innovations that marry the science of medicine with the art of TCM, guided by its mission of “caring for mankind”.

With extensive distribution network of retail stores in Singapore offering health supplements, TCM herbs and more - Eu Yan Sang Singapore strives to work with our community towards the betterment of your health.