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City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Rd

Singapore 208539

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Tuesday to Friday

10am - 7pm


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Education Enrichment


At Eye Level, we understand that building a strong foundation for your child's daily study routine is paramount, especially in a time when many have seen their study habits disrupted due to the ongoing pandemic.

We are here to help rebuild and reinforce these crucial routines through our systematic, small-step curriculum and personalized 1:1 coaching, ensuring each child can regain their academic footing and passion for learning.

We see the limitless potential in every child and are dedicated to expanding their perspectives, nurturing them into self-motivated, independent, and proactive learners. Our approach is tailored to kindle curiosity and foster a lifelong love for education, empowering children to become thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

To support your child's educational journey, we're pleased to offer free learning materials. These additional resources are designed to complement our programs and provide an enriched learning experience, allowing each student to explore and engage with the subject matter deeply.

If you're pondering which program will best suit your child’s needs, we have meticulously developed offerings in both Math and English, catering to preschoolers through to early high school students.

Our Math program navigates from the basics of numbers to critical thinking math, focusing on cultivating problem-solving capabilities. On the other hand, Eye Level English is a holistic literacy program, aiming to develop effective communication skills and robust content knowledge, ensuring each learner can communicate with confidence and clarity.

Join us at Eye Level as we embark on a transformative and enriching learning journey, shaping the minds that will steer the future.