Kopi & Tarts by Mayson

Halal Certified


City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Rd

Singapore 208539

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Opening Hours


8am - 9pm


Food Beverage


“Kopi & Tarts” is a new local, Halal coffee concept by Mayson Bakery where they strive for their offerings to satisfy the holy trinity of the local palate – the love of Kopi, the Sweet, and the Savoury.

Apart from Kopi and Tarts, as highlighted in their name, they will also offer their signature pastry line up, as well as a concise range of muffins, cakes and staple food, such as Hong Kong-inspired noodle dishes.

Coupled with their bright and clean aesthetic, they hope to create a pleasing experience for their customers. They are determined to be a sanctuary for all who love the simple pleasures in life – good kopi and fresh, luscious tarts. Being a Halal institution will further instil a community of family-like spirit which they hope will rub off on their customers.