My Greatest Child



City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Rd

Singapore 208539

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10am - 10pm




Most of My Greatest Child (MGC) children's books are imported from UK and all children's books titles are chosen based on their popularity and demand. Suggestions and feedback collected from many parents played a huge and vital role in MGC’s collection of titles. MGC would source the titles that are both in demand but scarce or expensive in Singapore, compare prices among suppliers to get the best prices and wait for special promotions before ordering. Orders would then be made in bulk to get better discounts. This way, MGC can afford to give their customers better rates than most bookstores in Singapore. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to them. Seeing the customers get the right books they need for their greatest child gives MGC a great sense of pride and achievement in their work!

MGC values providing the right kind of educational and learning materials for all children and hopes to provide more in the future to come.