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How are we different? We Teach Logic. The most effective form of learning happens when it's done subconsciously. At The Logic Coders, we provide an immersive and engaging environment that exposes our students to real-world coding experiences. We don't just teach them how to code, we empower them to develop vital problem-solving skills through logical thinking. Emphasis on coding logic over syntax Coding logic refers to the ideas and thoughts that run a program. Just as how a paragraph can be written in different languages, the logic behind an algorithm can be written in any programming language. We focus on the 3 Fundamental Concepts of Coding Logic - Sequences, Loops and If-Else statements. While these 3 fundamental concepts seem deceptively simple, they are the basis for all programs and software. Amazing. Coding Logic Coding as the skill of deliberating critically and logically to construct algorithms. Using various coding and robotics platforms for teaching while important, we highlight that 'what' is being taught is critical. illustration of coding sequences Illustration of coding loops Illustration of coding If-else statements Accredited by The Accredited™ trustmark is an esteemed quality assurance recognition awarded to informal organizations and educational service providers who meet high standards for STEM education quality. This trustmark is a symbol of excellence that is respected and trusted by educators, parents, and students worldwide. The Logic Coders is accredited by Coding and Academic Ability Math and Science will always have their place in textbooks and classrooms. However, children may find deep understanding of Math and Science concepts challenging as school curricula often focus on examinations and lack application of these concepts to real-world problems. Learning to Code can help your child excel in Math & Science We incorporate elements of math and science in our curriculum to require students to draw upon these concepts intuitively as they are solving missions. These experiences not only give context and reinforce what they learn in school, they create an environment for experimentation which is often overlooked in the classroom. Reinforce Concepts Learning to code provides an avenue to apply concepts that are taught in school, in an environment that encourages experimentation. Application of concepts in a real-word setting provides a richer set of stimuli compared to questions on the paper. These meaningful experiences enable a deeper understanding of concepts. Spatial Thinking Spatial thinking is the ability to extract meaning from an object's relative state to another object's shape, size, location, orientation, direction and distance. There is evidence that exposure to activities that support development in spatial thinking early in life can result in improvements in mathematical understanding. (Christopher et al., 2018) Logical Reasoning Through our problem-solving curriculum, students are required to break complex problems down into smaller manageable parts before stringing the solution together. This is a skill that is important in academics.