Craftsmen Specialty Coffee



Clarke Quay Central

6 Eu Tong Sen St

Singapore 059817

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Opening Hours


8am - 9pm


Food & Beverage, Cafes & Desserts


Travellers by heart, we came across many coffee joints through our whimsical journeys exploring the world.

This in turn inspired us to start our own cafe and armed with nothing but our authentic experiences and escapades, we proceeded to create Craftsmen Specialty Coffee.

Each intricate detail, from the sound of the churning of the grinders to the metal pipes on the wall, to the Denmark potteries on display, every design you see in the cafe tells its own little story.

This is not just our escape; we hope it’s yours too.

Knowing first hand how a cup of good coffee makes a great start to the day, we always have our ears on the ground to ensure that our coffee is brewed to the highest quality standards.

Though we love travelling, our heart still lies with our little red dot and thus we support local roasters and hope that this will help the coffee scene in Singapore flourish.