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In 1860, during the ancient Edo period's end, TSUJIRI was born, a brand founded by Riemon Tsuji in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Riemon, the founder, utilized his own wealth to enhance the tea industry's taste and sweetness, creating the highest quality Gyokuro tea leaves by advancing and innovating the method.

To maintain the tea leaves' freshness, Riemon designed a tea cabinet, making TSUJIRI's tea equally fresh to those found elsewhere in Japan. His efforts were widely recognized, and a statue was erected in his honor at the world heritage temple Byodoin in Kyoto.

Green tea has been acknowledged for its calming effects and health benefits since ancient times. It has recently been hailed as an anti-aging and anti-cancer agent. Not only is green tea high in vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene, but it is also a potent antioxidant, rich in catechin, which helps burn calories, allowing for guilt-free indulgence.

For over 150 years, TSUJIRI has remained committed to delivering the highest quality green tea. The brand accomplishes this by meticulously selecting the best green tea leaves from Uji's renowned harvest in Kyoto and utilizing the traditional grinding method to bring out the strongest aroma and flavor.