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Singapore 228213


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ARABELLE is a family owned label founded in 2015, inspired by the desire to create fashionable clothing for children's every day use. The genesis of ARABELLE's designs is the simple love of a child. A mother wanting to make her child feel special, whilst being aware of practicality and protection from the elements. Every item is originally designed and hand made from Singapore with all fabrics hand picked to ensure that any child wearing an ARABELLE item will be comfortable and trend setting. All items are simple to dress your child in, with special attention paid to making the dressing process as stress free as possible for both parent and child. ARABELLE's founder and creative director Jamela Spencer has taken classic European influences fusing them with modern Asian trends and styles to design a unique and exclusive range of items. In an environment of mass produced childrens clothing with an absence of exclusivity, Jamela strives to design pieces that will ensure your child is always the envy of those around them. The quality of ARABELLE items is second to none, each item is hand checked before it is deemed fit for sale. Jamela's meticulous eye for detail and uncompromising pursuit for quality is transposed onto the entire range of ARABELLE items.