Chez Moi De Beaute

Generic storefront


Far East Plaza

14 Scotts Rd

Singapore 228213

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

10am - 8pm


10am - 6pm




Beauty, Hair & Wellness


Chez Moi de Beaute has been delivering quality beauty services since 1989. We're small but well-equipped and friendly! With us, you're amongst friends. Flow into Beauty at Chez Moi De Beaute. Chez Moi De Beaute, pronounced ‘shay’ ‘mua’ ‘dee’ ‘boat-ay’, has been delivering quality beauty services since 1989. Our name stands for “My House of Beauty” in French, precisely what you can expect to find at our premises: cosy ambience, friendly staff who know your name by heart, and caring, experienced therapists who’ll help you look and feel good with customised beauty rituals and treatments. At Chez Moi, we don’t have customers, because all our customers are our friends. As with friends, there is no thoughtless pushing of products. We care about your welfare, and all we want to do is to help you love yourself.

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