Generic storefront

Eco Ring


#02-63 & 02-70

Far East Plaza

14 Scotts Rd

Singapore 228213

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Opening Hours

Monday to Tuesday

10am - 7pm



Thursday to Sunday

10am - 7pm


Apparels / Accessories / Bags / Shoes


Ecology + Ring = EcoRing We never throw useable things away! At EcoRing, we act as an intermediary to pass on your unneeded pre-owned items to someone who can use them. 100% of the products offered by EcoRing are second-hand goods bought from consumers! Our program reuses and recyclesproducts by offering your unneeded goods to others. Do you ever feel wasteful throwing away products you no longer need butare still perfectly usable? Your no longer used products could be wanted by someone else. EcoRing acts as a bridge connecting individuals who want to buy and sell used goods.