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Fortune Wigs is one of Singapore’s most established wig boutiques, spanning a history of almost thirty years. In September of 2002, Fortune Wigs joined the Aderans group, an immense multi-national “total hair solutions” group of businesses. ADERANS SINGAPORE By offering clients high quality products and services based on advanced technological capabilities, we strive to become the world’s no. 1 provider of total hair solutions with a reputation for reliability and putting smiles on the faces of our customers. Aderans has production points in Thailand where experienced technicians work on some of the most meticulously crafted and high quality wigs available. In recent years, wigs have taken on the role of a fashionable item not just for mature users but amongst the younger generation as well, calling for high quality products with greater variation. As we continue to develop such products and services, we expand our services to satisfy as many women as possible with wigs that are fashionable and appropriate for all kinds of situations. Ready-made wigs can be categorized into wigs, top-pieces and poste. In addition, we can provide wigs which cover the entire head or smaller wigs providing partial coverage.

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