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Icrepe Bar



Far East Plaza

14 Scotts Rd

Singapore 228213


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Our inspiration came after we visit France. We ate crepes there, and requested our crepes with lots of Nutella. Sadly, we were not allowed to top up extra Nutella, even though we wanted to pay for it! Bummer. This little annoying thing inspired us with an idea when we were back to Singapore. Why don’t we open a crepe outlet that allowed the customer eat their most desired crepes? We established the first outlet in 2015, and we named it iCrepe. iCrepe stands for “I create my own crepe…”. At iCrepe, customers are allowed to decide their own choice of toppings. Whether it's single or double serving of toppings. We will not reject your order! We just love to prepare your own favourite crepe (although some people may think it’s a weird choice).