Richman Luxury

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Far East Plaza

14 Scotts Rd

Singapore 228213


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Richman is Singapore’s leading brand when it comes to watch winder technology. Richman Luxury is a retail store established in Singapore that specializes in watch winders for automatic watches. Founder of Richman Luxury, Jin Goh, an avid watch lover and passionate about automatic watches, make sure that your automatic watches get the proper care they deserve. Our aim has always been to create affordable watch winders in a market for owners, collectors and enthusiasts of fine wristwatches. We provide only the best watch winders that will wind your automatic watch according to its specification so that your watch is well-maintained. We make sure that the parts of our winders that come in contact with your valuable watch are made of luxurious and safe material that is friendly to leather, stainless steel and ceramic bracelets. Our collection of super-silent winders that comes with three alternating direction modes for charging up automatic watches. With its timeless high gloss polished lacquer chassis made of timber, its interior reveals a classical impression of velvety suede ready to hold your bespoke watches. The Richman team intends to continue building their brand presence across the globe.

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