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Bliing is a jewelry brand that was founded in 2013 by childhood friends Alex Cheng and GC Lek in Singapore.

The idea for Bliing arose from their observation that women often had to buy new jewelry to match their outfits. To offer a more practical and cost-effective solution, Bliing allows customers to mix and match studs and drops to create different earrings for different looks. The founders aimed to offer jewelry that not only made women feel beautiful but also powerful.

Despite having no formal training in jewelry design, Alex and Lek are passionate about gems, art, and craftsmanship. They constantly push themselves out of their comfort zones and experiment with different designs to ensure that their pieces are innovative and pair well with others in their collection.

They believe that jewelry should express a person's taste and aspirations, and their creations reflect this ethos.

Bliing draws inspiration from the diverse cultural influences in Singapore, as well as from East vs. West, nostalgic vs. new, and nature vs. technology. The founders believe that these inspirations make their jewelry interesting and interactive.

Although Bliing may not have the historical pedigree of some of the world's top jewelry brands, Alex and Lek believe that their simple and practical idea will work well for their customers.