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With 10 years’ history of excellence in chiropractic care, Chiropractic First is Singapore’s leading provider of chiropractic care with specialist clinics in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

Our first clinic in Malaysia was started by our founder-director, Dr. Matt Kan. Having run a successful practice in Kuala Lumpur, he expanded to Singapore under the name ‘Raffles Chiropractic’ at Forum Galleria. The organisation was later renamed to Chiropractic First to reflect its belief that chiropractic is the natural, drug-free approach to achieving optimal health.

Evolving from a one doctor – one clinic outlet, the business, operations, management and structure of Chiropractic First was systemised and institutionalised by Dr. Kan. It was also his entrepreneurship and vision which started the trend and reception of chiropractic as the natural, drug-free approach to correction of spine and nerves disorder.