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Exquisites Jewels



Great World

1 Kim Seng Promenade

Singapore 237994

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10am - 9pm


Jewellery & Watches


In 2015, Exquisites Jewels launched as an online jewelry store in Singapore.

The Founder's passion for jewelry and desire to aid the underprivileged fuelled this humble beginning.

Our brand values of Joy, Beauty, and Elegance guide us, as we've transitioned from jade and semi-precious stones to pearls in our jewelry collections.

Exquisites Jewels is a young and innovative company that has disrupted the pearl industry with fashionable pearl jewelry and customisation options.

Customers can opt for fittings such as silver, gold, or diamonds and choose from our selection of pearls, or even bring in their own.

Our customisation process is swift, taking as little as 5 minutes. Alternatively, clients can communicate their preferences to us, and we'll create a unique piece from scratch, using materials like 18k white or yellow gold, sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and diamonds.