MASA by Black Society at Great World City hero image

MASA by Black Society

Great World City

Lot(s) 01-121

Daily from 10.00am till 10.00pm

Restaurants & Cafes And Food Court


Many of you may ask what is MASA,

What does MASA mean, why MASA ?

MASA is a Hong Kong Cantonese as well as Taiwanese slang for the word Master.

The word is very often used to describe a big corporate raider, big corporate investor.

It may also be used to mean the master of the underworld triads – Black Society 黑社会

At MASA, we are the Master of artisanal dimsum.

From the traditional 4 heavenly kings of dimsum –

we evolve and bring dimsum to a fun and creative dimension, bringing it from the ordinary to extraordinaire.

Savor the art and fun in dimsum dining. The creation is endless !!