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Great World

1 Kim Seng Promenade

Singapore 237994

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10am - 6pm


Kids, Toys & Education


The My Gym experience is built upon fundamental principles of love, patience, unwavering positivity, age-appropriate activities, and self-esteem-building. Our program is carefully crafted to foster a child's innate abilities, curiosity, and creativity.

We offer exceptional facilities and a comprehensive program designed to promote physical, cognitive, and emotional development for children aged 3 months to 10 years.

With over 500 locations in more than 30 countries, we provide structured, weekly classes that incorporate music, dance, games, relays, gymnastics, sports, special rides, and much more.

Our approach is centered around empowering children to acquire skills, confidence, and positive self-image, enabling them to grow into healthy young adults. At My Gym, we are committed to providing a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere, and making learning fun and exciting.

We strive to foster warm relationships between children and our highly trained staff, allowing them to feel comfortable as they begin their journey into preschool and kindergarten.

Our facilities, programs, and services are designed to nurture children with understanding and positive reinforcement.