Pita & Olives

Closing soon 8:00 PM

Great World City

Lot(s) B1-K109

Daily from 10.00am till 10.00pm

Confectionery & Food Specialties


Pita & Olives, is a mini restaurant bistro & takeaway food shop which caters to halal , meat, vegetarian and vegan eaters, is one hot spot for people of all ages and all walks of life to enjoy a savoury yet extremely healthy meals during every day of the week. Yet, one specialty which highlights the main point to visit Pita & Olives is its handmade food, all from premium and finely selected ingredients! You’ll get a taste of our fresh, fluffy and warm pita bread, handmade with love. Our falafels do not follow the usual tradition of being deep-fried. Instead, they are baked in the oven with a little coating of olive oil to add flavour while promoting vibrant health to our consumers. Indulge in the platters with your buddy, date or loved ones!

Our Jerusalem salad consists of green olives, freshly chopped tomatoes, japanese cucumbers, red and yellow capsicum and a scatter of finely chopped parsley. Do you know that parsley is a natural antibiotic while capsicum helps to treat anemia? Cucumber on the other hand, detoxes the body while the tomatoes work as an antioxidant to prevent inflammation in our bodies. Our green olives are also scientifically proven to prevent premature aging. Therefore, this salad combination is extremely a must-have to maintain and/or improve your health. We also dress our salad with the healthiest ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and a tiny pinch of salt.

We pride ourselves in making the best hummus right from the scratch, only to be served fresh to our most valued customers. Do you know that hummus has been a health food especially enjoyed by vegans for its high protein content? Not only that, hummus boasts a wealth of health benefits, including being anti-inflammatory, high in fiber for good digestion, reduces risk of heart diseases, allergen-free and has a low glycemic index! Hummus itself already contains healthy ingredients like chickpea, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, cumin , lemon juice and tahini (Sesame paste)!

Chickpea is a legume that has been proven to aid weight loss by stabilising blood sugar. It is high in protein, high in dietary fibre and contains important minerals like folate, magnesium, phosphate, manganese and potassium! It can also decrease cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and inflammation. It also helps promote bowel movement and prevent constipation from occurring, all to ensure maintenance of good health. On the other hand, our extra virgin olive oil helps fight inflammation, harmful bacteria, reduces risk of heart diseases and helps fight stroke too. It reduces obesity, helps fight Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, reduces risks of type 2 diabetes and fights cancer. Our extra virgin olive oil proudly boasts powerful antioxidants, vitamins E and K and monounsaturated fats. We are not done! Tahini (Sesame paste) , a great source of minerals like manganese and phosphate is also rich in antioxidants and may even strengthen your central nervous system too! They promote brain health and offer anti-cancer effects while containing compounds that help protect our livers and kidneys from any damage or ill function.

Tahini (Sesame paste) can be found in our babaganoush and green tahini dip too. On the other hand, we also use extra virgin olive oil in our Jerusalem salad, olive rice and falafel.

Did we mention that our olive rice is made with basmati rice? You no longer have to worry about your carb intake as basmati rice has a low to medium GI that will not cause blood sugar spike; therefore, preventing weight gain. It also contains eight essential amino acids, folic acid and is low in sodium and fats. This gluten-free option makes it especially popular for people with celiac disease. Pair it with extra virgin olive oil and doses of healthy spices and herbs, our olive rice is a must-try whenever you are here.

Don’t forget about our handmade pita bread, specifically made with whole wheat flour to boost your health while you enjoy its tenderness. Do you know that opting for a whole wheat flour has been proven for its rich vitamins and minerals content while being higher in protein and lower in calories than normal white flour? Our pita bread has no preservatives and is perfect for the delicate tummies of your little ones!

For our meat lovers, fret not, our best selling items are here to wow you further! Our beef kebab is handmade to its unique shape, with minced beef, coriander, parsley, healthy spices and high quality yellow onions. If you are a beef lover, you should not miss on our oven-grilled unique kebab fusion. On the other hand, our chicken shawarma is meticulously marinated with our special secret sauce created by our founder, which gives off its taste and flavour while being grilled on the shawarma machine.

Indeed, we only sell healthy and tasty dishes that are suitable for everyone all over the world.