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Kids & Maternity


BabySPA was found in 2007 as the first in the industry to offer exclusive Water-Training, Baby Massage and Baby Haircut services in Singapore catering to babies aged from 1 to 24 months old. Now on its 8th year, BabySPA already has 7 branches across Singapore serving over thousands of loyal members and customers on a daily basis.

Our warm water training helps enhance babies’ physical, cognitive and emotional development, while helping build self-esteem and confidence and nurturing babies’ natural abilities in water. Baby Massage helps reduce babies’ anxiety and promotes relaxation, regular sleep and wake cycles and improved immune system functions, while helping relieving wind and colic. Baby Haircut starting from babies’ first month promotes full even growth of hair and is available in both BabySPA branches and through home visit appointments.

BabySPA also provides baby care and recreational products available in store and online. For more information, visit