Maki-San at Hillion Mall
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Hillion Mall

17 Petir Rd

Singapore 678278

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Opening Hours


10:30am - 9pm


Maki-San is Asia's first D.I.Y Sushi and Salad restaurant, and we're proud to be leading the Rollvolution.

Our unique concept of endless possibilities and fun dining experiences has been delighting customers since 2012.

At Maki-San, we offer over 70 ingredients sourced from all around the world, so customers can create their own sushi and salads that reflect their unique tastes and preferences.

From selecting their preferred wrap to choosing their fillings, toppings, and sauces, our customers have complete creative control over their meal.

With just five easy steps, customers can enjoy a customized sushi or salad experience, or choose from a range of delicious pre-made options.

At Maki-San, we believe that food should be fun, delicious, and personalized to your liking.

So come join the Rollvolution and experience the joy of creating your own sushi or salad at Maki-San today.

Maki-San, Singapore’s first ever place that lets you customise you sushi and salads.

With over 60 ingredients to choose from, customers can be as picky as they like, and we’ll roll with it!

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