Qi Ji

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Hillion Mall

17 Petir Rd

Singapore 678278

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8:30am - 10pm


Café, Fast Food & Restaurants


Armed with the family’s vision to become the market leader in serving authentic local cuisine, Hock Heng was renamed Qiji.

Today, Qiji has expanded into a chain of outlets as well as a dedicated Catering Service.

At the Qiji Central Kitchen at Kampong Ampat Foodlink, innovation and attention are key in perfecting the recipes for many more local specialties.

The strengths of the business lie in kinship, culinary skills and professional management – everyone working relentlessly towards a shared vision.

Over the years, the Qiji brand has grown in gastronomic reputation.

With its Halal certification, Qiji has gained market prominence for serving authentic Singapore cuisine island-wide.

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