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At The Hainan Story, we are passionate about celebrating the love of Hainanese food among Singaporeans.

As one of the last Chinese communities to arrive in Singapore, the Hainanese faced difficulties breaking into businesses dominated by other dialect groups. Instead, they found employment as servants and chefs for British colonial masters.

Through their resourcefulness, the Hainanese quickly mastered British and other dialects of food and created their own unique Singaporean Hainanese cuisine.

Today, it is our dream to introduce you to the traditional Hainanese food of our forefathers, with a modern twist.

Join us on a journey to rediscover the flavors and culinary heritage of the Hainanese community in Singapore.

Our food is a testament to the resilience, creativity, and adaptability of our ancestors. At The Hainan Story, we are proud to share this heritage with you.

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