The Hainan Story Bakery

Currently open until 9:00pm




Hillion Mall

17 Petir Rd

Singapore 678278

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8:30am - 9pm


Bakery & Confectionery


The Hainan Story is known for its delectable pastries such as fluffy toasts, Swiss rolls, and butter cakes.

To highlight the best of its Hainanese bakes and cakes, the brand has opened a standalone bakery at Hillion Mall, offering fresh and handmade breads, cakes, and pastries every day.

The new bakery features everything customers have come to love from The Hainan Story, including kueh, classic buns, sourdough bombs, and sourdough pizza.

The idea for the standalone bakery came about after co-founder Lem Cheong saw a growing demand for The Hainan Story's bread and pastries. He conducted meticulous research and sought advice from Hainanese chefs and the larger Hainanese community to create the perfect bakery.

The result is a bakery that retains The Hainan Story's signature firm yet fluffy texture, with every bread made daily and baked fresh in individual steel trays, evoking a taste of nostalgia for traditional Hainanese bakeries.

One of The Hainan Story's most popular items is its Swiss Rolls, which have now found their way to the new bakery.

The Swiss Rolls are available in mini bite-sized versions, perfect for easy eating and sharing. These new sizes come in Teh Susu, Red Velvet, Ondeh Ondeh, and Oreo flavours, promising a love at first bite.

Whether you're in the mood for classic Hainanese bakes or newer flavors, the new bakery is a must-visit for those looking for the freshest and most delicious pastries in town.

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