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Hillion Mall

17 Petir Rd

Singapore 678278

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TORI-Q is a Singaporean brand that specialises in yakitori, meaning "grilled chicken" in Japanese.

The "Q" stands for the best quality and the hope for an endless queue at their shops. TORI-Q® started in 2000, following the success of Takopachi®, a temporary takoyaki store in Takashimaya S.C.

To ensure the freshest and finest yakitori, TORI-Q® thoroughly inspects and manages their products from preparation in their central kitchen to serving them in their outlets. Fresh ingredients are delivered to each outlet daily and broiled using their unique auto-grilling machine for juiciness.

The yakitori is then dipped into their own special 'tare' (sauce) and grilled to perfection.

At TORI-Q®, each stick of yakitori is hand-grilled to perfection using only the finest ingredients and their specially formulated 'tare' sauce.

As a homegrown brand, TORI-Q® has grown with the local community since 2000, serving the best affordable, quick, and convenient meals to their guests.

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