DoughMagic 扑面而来

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Hougang 1

1 Hougang Street 91

Singapore 538692

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Opening Hours


8:30am - 9:30pm


Food & Beverage, Light Bites & Food Kiosks


Healthy eating is a hot topic now.

We will bring the healthy TAIWAN cooked wheaten food for our customers.

The healthy Steamed bread is made of both refined and coarse grains, and we also will bring TAIWAN characteristic baked pancake with some special TAIWAN local snacks for our customers.

Our main outlet was opened in the People’s park complex during June of 2016.

Now, we have a total of five outlets located in different areas of Singapore.

We sell popular food products like XIAO LONGBAO, dumpling and MANTOU.

We hope that everyone, no matter the age, race, etc.

will enjoy our food products.

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