Tai Chong Kok 大中国

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Hougang Mall

90 Hougang Ave 10

Singapore 538766

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10am - 9:30pm


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Some things never change.

At Chop Tai Chong Kok, we have been making mooncakes and traditional Cantonese pastries the same way since 1935—from scratch and by hand.

For generations we have used only premium ingredients to produce our authentic Cantonese confectionary.

Our mooncakes are renowned for their genuine taste of tradition.

Tai Chong Kok is also famed for our traditional Chinese wedding cakes, soft flour cakes and other Cantonese confections.

Our products are handmade and baked daily in Singapore using time-honoured recipes and quality ingredients with full conformity to Stringent Quality Standards of AVA, HACCP and BizSafe.

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