Hainan Second Street




2 Jurong East Street 21

Singapore 609601

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Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday

10:30am - 9:30pm


10:30am - 10pm

Saturday to Sunday

10am - 10pm


Food & Beverage


Hainan Second Street is the masterpiece of a group of Hainanese brothers aspiring to spread the love for our heritage food to the Singaporean community.

We have taken it upon ourselves to share with Singaporeans delicious fare fine-tuned through generations of Hainanese culinary excellence.

Combined with our authentic Hainanese setting, we endeavour to build a nostalgic environment – a place where people can gather and experience genuity.

With time passing us by and traditions being forsaken, the best way to preserve our culture and keep to our roots is by staying true to the flavours and style of dining.

Having an ethos to build a real sense of community and neighbourhood, Hainan Second Street will uphold a spirit of excellence in keeping the craft of our cooking genuine and gastronomical.